Designing the Garden of Your Dreams in Leicestershire and Warwickshire

Working throughout Leicestershire and Warwickshire, every landscaping project we create is unique. In collaboration with Greenlines Design, our experienced team in Congerstone are able to offer bespoke landscape design. Think of yourself as a conductor and our landscapers as your orchestra, providing a bespoke service coordinated by your vision and ideas.

Meeting Your Expectations

Our landscaping design team are always happy to go the extra mile to meet your expectations. Tell us your ideas and we’ll advise you on the work required to fulfil them. Rest assured that as long as it’s possible within the space available, we’ll take any suggestion into consideration in our design and landscaping services. We’ll pull out all the stops to create a homely garden that matches all your needs.

Contact our landscaping specialists in Congerstone now to discuss our bespoke landscape designs in Leicestershire and Warwickshire.